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Have a great looking website but want the features of WordPress?

Let us Convert your Website to WordPress!

No matter what format your website is currently in HTML, PHP, ASP even if your website is done entirely in FLASH… we can convert your website to WordPress and migrate all your existing content over. Your website will look and feel exactly the same but will be powered by WordPress.

Need to migrate from Joomla, Drupal, Magento or any other platform? Have a great theme you want to install and populate with your existing content?

We can Help!


We can Convert ANY Website or CMS to WordPress

Typical website conversion costs are between $99-$399

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We Migrate ALL Your Content

All content, images, contact forms, pdf's, etc..... will be moved.

Complete Site Migration

Responsive Layout & Design

Your new WordPress website will look great on all browsers.

Cross Browser Compatibility

W3C Compliant Coding Standards

We adhere to the latest coding standards

W3C Compliant Themes

30 Days FREE Support & Hosting

We offer 30 Days of FREE Support. We also ofer FREE Hosting

Get 30 Days of FREE Support & Hosting

30 Days of FREE Support & Hosting on our Lighting Fast Servers.

What’s included in our WordPress Conversions

  • WordPress Installation on your Hosting

  • Custom Menu Integration

  • Custom Widget Locations

  • Custom Options Panel

  • Resonsive Design & Bootstrap Integration(if purcashed)

  • FREE WordPress Training

  • 30 Days FREE Support

What to expect from our WordPress Conversions

  • Website will look the same but have the functionality of WordPress

  • Transfer of existing content

  • An Extremely Seamless/Painless Conversion Process

  • A Fast Turn-Around Time of 1-3 Days Unless Stated otherwise.

  • A Complete Backup of Existing Website, on CD/DVD/USB if needed.


We Offer Very Low Prices to Convert your Website to WordPress

Our prices are very affordable and should be considered lower than most of our competitors. Be careful when purchasing website conversion services. Many companies simply offer a convert to wordpress theme service, which leaves you to have to install wordpress on your server, install the theme, transfer existing content, setup menus, setup widgets, etc… You basically have to figure it out on your own.

We take care of all of that for you and hand you over a ready-to-edit website, that looks and feels exactly like it did. We even throw in FREE WordPress Training

We Guarantee that the level of service and quality of work you will experience while working with us, can’t be matched by anyone!

Convert HTML, PHP, ASP, Flash to a WordPress Website

We can easily convert any HTML Website to a WordPress Website for you, Fast. It doesn’t matter if your website has 1 page or 1000’s of pages, we can help by transferring existing content into wordpress. We also convert existing php websites to wordpressconvert asp websites to wordpress and convert flash websites to wordpress.

We are so sure you’ll love your new WordPress site, WE GUARANTEE IT!

We want our clients to be happy with our work! If you are not 100% Satisfied with your website, simply stop using it and return it for a FULL REFUND within 30 days of launching it.



FREE Wordpress Conversion Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

There is absolutely NOTHING you will need to do. We take care of everything from Start to Finish. You are presented a fully functioning wordpress website, with all your existing content pre-loaded and ready to edit(if you choose). After we convert your website to wordpress we will load your site on your hosting account or provide free hosting(for first 30 days).

Yes. your website will look exactly the same unless minor changes are specified by you?

NO. We will assess your current websites rankings before the conversion process and make sure to keep certain on-page elements in place, that help you rank(h tags, links, link text, image alts, titles, descriptions, etc….). If any page names have to change, we will use 301 Redirects to tell Google we have moved the pages and to preserve the inbound links.

9 times out of 10……. clients do see an increase in rankings after converting they’re site to WordPress. WordPress is coded better than most websites, it’s Mobile friendly, it’s exactly how Google wants to see code. Clients report an increase in indexed pages and the speed at which Google indexes pages after converting to wordpress.

Yes. We will contact you prior to starting and go over widget locations with you.

Yes. Even if your website currently has NO shopping cart, after the conversion you will have a fully functional shopping cart catered to your products and exact needs.

We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your project and gather any details we need from you. Once we have gone over the whole project we will email you a detailed proposal. If you agree, we will begin the conversion process.

NO. Your website will stay live until the full conversion process is done and ready for upload. We will build out your conversion on a testing server for you to view and approve. Once approved we will upload it to your server, usually takes about 10 minutes.

We will re-create all your websites current Features & Special Coding requirements. We will create ways to edit these from the admin of WordPress in the same, or easier manner you edited before.

We’ve converted these sites to WordPress